Monday, July 2, 2012

"Now I Need You" - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - Donna Summer

Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder created some of the most ambient and trance-like disco tracks during the experimental period of disco music - along with the synthesizer revolution.

One of the most haunting tracks was "Now I Need You" from the "Once Upon A Time" project - this song was part of a medley which included, "Working The Midnight Shift". The pumping keyboards which echo through out this track create a open arena for Donna's vocal expertise. The outcome is a classic song that hardcore disco fans continue to pick and pull apart to understand the creative faucet in such.

I have waited to have the right energy to meet this song and recreate a scenario with its feel and energy. This ReStructure takes the snippets that are rare and few within the song and pull out more of that moody feeling the song creates.

Dedicated to Loulou from The Netherlands for making the music flow like clouds over a sunny day.

 My dear friend Glenn Rivera with Donna Summer.

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