Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wife of David Foster reveals how Donna Summer hid her illness + her last performance at their wedding

Yolanda Foster-Hadid wife of world famous producer and composer David Foster is shaken by the death of Donna Summer. This unexpected death coming so quickly after losing Whitney Houston comes as a blow to the mogul who had worked and was friends with Donna Summer for 30 years. She performed for the last time at David and Yolanda’s wedding in November. Yolanda says: “It’s a very sad day, I have no words for this, of course. She was such a good friend. Looking back on it, she had not been feeling well for the last few months and was very tired. Even on the evening that she performed at my wedding, after she performed, I now remember her saying: “hold my hand and walk with me to my table for a moment.” So I brought her to her table and helped her to a chair. But I thought: she had been in a car accident a few months ago and suffered a whiplash and was suffering with her neck. So we thought it was because of that. She was someone I looked up to and respected. She was 63 so a little older then me so she was a mother as well as a very good friend of me.”
 One of Donnas Last Photos made at the wedding of David Foster sitting at his table.

Donna poses for a portrait session 1976

LOS ANGELES - CIRCA 1976: 'Queen of Disco' Donna Summer poses for a portrait session at home as her beau paints her likeness in circa 1976 in Los Angeles, California.Photo by Michael Ochs Archives

DonnaSummer-Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack Promotion.mp4

Donna Summer and Brooklyn Dreams - Heaven Knows

Donna Summer and Brooklyn Dreams - Medley