Monday, July 30, 2012

Donna in 1990 Photos


Written by Paul Jabara,Bob Esty and Jay Asher;arranged by Bob Esty.
Recorded in June 1990.
The song has never been re-recorded or released,the audio file has been provided by Mr.Esty himself.
This video is a dedication in loving memory of one of the most honest,graced and gifted artists of the last century:her legacy will go on and on.

Donna Summer's Old Neighborhood In Boston

BOSTON - JULY 8,2008: Donna Summer's old home in Mission Hill. Summer, who was born in Boston, is returning to sing a benefit concert.
  Marina Pinsky, 21, a Mission Hill resident, was unaware that singer Donna Summer lived in the house seen behind her.

"Once Upon A time..A Memorial Celebration of Donna Summer"29-07-2012

Thank you Bob Esty for the lovely photos,Loulou!

Donna Summer - Last Dance (Live)

DONNA SUMMER - Mac Arthur Park Suite (A Casablanca Single)(Vinyl).wmv

Last Dance - Paul Jabara

Donna Summer ft Joe Esposito & Brooklyn Dreams - Heaven Knows (Hot Trax ...

"Heaven Knows" is a song by Donna Summer and the Brooklyn Dreams released at the height of her fame during the 1970s disco era. It is adapted from a studio recording from the Live and More album and became a number 4 hit for Summer in the U.S. in early 1979. The song features singing by the group Brooklyn Dreams with lead vocals by Joe "Bean" Esposito.

On the single version released by Summer (credited as Donna Summer with Brooklyn Dreams), singer Joe "Bean" Esposito sings second lead to Summer, while Summer and the group provide backing vocals. However, on the version that appears on Brooklyn Dreams's 1979 album, Sleepless Nights, it is Esposito who sings the lead vocal with Summer singing second lead, with Summer and the group provide backing vocals. On the group's album, this version is credited as Brooklyn Dreams with Donna Summer.

A 12" single version, at 6:45, was released, the first verse sung by Summer solo, the remainder with Summer and Esposito.

Donna on American Bandstand 1978 Photos

Donna Rents a Car

Donna with ........

Donna with Barry Manilow
Donna with Lou Rawls
With Mohammed Ali

Something's Missing In My Life - Donna Summer

Something's Missing In My Life - Donna Summer Written by
Paul Jabara who also penned Summer's signature song 'Last Dance'. This song has also been recorded by The Carpenters, Freda Payne and Australian pop royalty Marcia Hines...The version here with Summer is featured on Jabara's CD 'Greatest Hits and Misses.