Monday, July 30, 2012

Donna Summer ft Joe Esposito & Brooklyn Dreams - Heaven Knows (Hot Trax ...

"Heaven Knows" is a song by Donna Summer and the Brooklyn Dreams released at the height of her fame during the 1970s disco era. It is adapted from a studio recording from the Live and More album and became a number 4 hit for Summer in the U.S. in early 1979. The song features singing by the group Brooklyn Dreams with lead vocals by Joe "Bean" Esposito.

On the single version released by Summer (credited as Donna Summer with Brooklyn Dreams), singer Joe "Bean" Esposito sings second lead to Summer, while Summer and the group provide backing vocals. However, on the version that appears on Brooklyn Dreams's 1979 album, Sleepless Nights, it is Esposito who sings the lead vocal with Summer singing second lead, with Summer and the group provide backing vocals. On the group's album, this version is credited as Brooklyn Dreams with Donna Summer.

A 12" single version, at 6:45, was released, the first verse sung by Summer solo, the remainder with Summer and Esposito.

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