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Album,Mistaken Identity 1991

Mistaken Identity is the fifteenth album by Donna Summer, released in 1991.
Since making her name as the biggest female star of the disco era in the 1970s, Summer had experimented with different musical genres throughout the 1980s with varying degrees of success. For Mistaken Identity, Summer adopted a more Urban style.
The album was not a commercial success, and failed to chart on the US Billboard Top 200 Album Chart or in the UK Album Chart, and peaked at #97 on the US Billboard R&B Chart.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Get Ethnic"   Donna Summer, Keith Diamond, Paul Chiten, Anthony Smith, Larry Henley 5:21
2. "Body Talk"   Summer, Diamond, Chiten, Smith, Henley 4:48
3. "Work That Magic*"   Summer, Diamond, Chiten, Smith, Henley 5:00
4. "When Love Cries"   Summer, Diamond, Chiten, Smith, Henley 5:15
5. "Heaven's Just A Whisper Away"   Diamond, Henley, Smith 4:06
6. "Cry Of A Waking Heart"   Betsy Cook, Bruce Woolley 4:36
7. "Friends Unknown"   Summer, Diamond, Smith, Vanessa Smith 3:44
8. "Fred Astaire"   Summer, Diamond, Smith, Donna Wyant 4:40
9. "Say A Little Prayer"   Summer, Diamond, Smith, Wyant 4:07
10. "Mistaken Identity"   Summer, Diamond, Smith, Wyant 4:08
11. "What Is It You Want"   Summer, Diamond, Wyant, Smith, Vince Lawrence, Dave Resnik 4:40
12. "Let There Be Peace"   Summer, Diamond 3:59
(*) The UK edition of this album contained the "ISA full-length remix" of this track


  • Donna Summer - vocals, rap vocals, composer
  • Kaydee - rap vocals, drums, percussion, assorted funkiness, "Intro Madness" on "Mistaken Identity"
  • Carl James - rap vocals, bass
  • Neil Thomas - rap vocals
  • "Wrong Way" Smith - "Intro Madness" on "Mistaken Identity"
  • Keith Diamond- keyboards
  • Eve Nelson - keyboards, piano
  • Anthony Smith - keyboards
  • Vince Lawrence - keyboards
  • Dave Resnik "vibe" on "What Is It You Want"
  • Joe Taylor - guitars
  • Vicki Genfan - guitars
  • Rafe van Hoy - guitars
  • Skip McDonald - guitars
  • Paul Pesco - guitars, acoustic guitars
  • Ira Siegel - guitars
  • Joe Hornoff - drums
  • J.T. Lewis - drums
  • O.C. Rodriguez - drums
  • Bob "Mr Shaker" Conti - percussion
  • Steven McLoughlin - "on a Harley D" on "Body Talk"
  • Danny Wilensky - saxophone
  • The 'Heart' Strings (Suzie Schumway, Sally Schumway, Suzanne Ornstein, Ann Labin and Cathy Metz) - strings
  • Background vocals: Donna Summer; The New York crew: Craig Derry, Yogi Lee, Cliff Dawson, Biti Straughn, Lauren Kinham, Tracy Amos, 'Sabelle'; The Los Angeles crew: Marry Ellen Bernard, Gene Miller, Susan Macke
  • Album art concept: Donna Summer
  • Album cover coordination: Tracy Nicholas Bledsoe
  • Design: Bill Smith Studio, London
  • Photography: Harry Langdon, L.A.
  • Stylist: Gina Delgado


  • Produced and arranged by Keith Diamond
  • Strings on "Friends Unknown" arranged by Keith Diamond and Eve Nelson
  • Engineered by George Karras
  • Additional engineers: Bob Rosa, Acer Key, Peter Robbins, J.C. Convertino
  • Assistant engineers: Steven McLoughlin, Shawn 'Fido' Berman, Andy Udoff, Adam Yellin, Carl Glanville, Jeff Lippay, Danny & Steve, Welcome, Darien Sahanaja, Joe Seta
  • Recorded at Unique Studios, NY; Hit Factory, NY; Electric Lady, NY; Rumbo Studios, LA; Encore Studios, LA; Track Record Studios, LA; American Studios, LA; Presence Studios, CT; R.P.M. Studios, NY; Interface Studios, NY; My Blue Heaven Studios, NY
  • Studio managers: Tony Drootin - Unique, NY; Vicki Camblin - Rumbo, LA; Troy Germano - Hit Factory, NY; Bob Mason - R.P.M., NY; Daryl - Encore, LA; John Russell - Presence, CT
  • Mastered at The Hit Factory by Herb Powers

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