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Album,Lady of the Night 1974

Lady of the Night is the first album by American singer Donna Summer. The album, which was produced by Pete Bellotte, was released in 1974 only in The Netherlands, and spawned the minor hit singles "The Hostage" and "Lady of the Night" in that country. The songs, written by the Moroder/Bellotte team, are mostly of the pop/rock/folk variety.

Track listing

All tracks composed by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte; except where indicated
Side A
No. Title Length
1. "Lady of the Night"   3:58
2. "Born to Die"   3:24
3. "Friends"   3:31
4. "Full of Emptiness" (Omitted on CD reissues) 2:26
5. "Domino" (Written by Bellotte) 3:14
Side B
No. Title Length
6. "The Hostage"   4:16
7. "Wounded"   2:43
8. "Little Miss Fit"   3:06
9. "Let's Work Together Now" (Written by Bellotte) 3:58
10. "Sing Along (Sad Song)"   3:20

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