Monday, August 13, 2012

Disco Queen - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - Paul Jabara

Paul Jabara is an actor, singer and songwriter best know for penning "Last Dance" for Donna Summer and also being a big influence on the Casablanca disco wave during 1977 for his album "Shut Out".

In 1978 Paul starred in "Thank God It's Friday" and also was featured with two songs in the double album soundtrack. "Disco Queen" is his funky-camp outline following closely the films mood. It was produced by Paul along with the master of disco arrangements, Bob Esty.

I have taken the special 12" version from the soundtrack and have given it a new ReStructure Mix - taking the funky bass and long piano and string breaks to extend and give the arrangement a more dub-like feel - without losing the lighter disco feel.

This ReStructure Mix is dedicated to Mr. Bob Esty and also the memory and talent of Mr. Paul Jabara.

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