Thursday, July 5, 2012

JESSICA WILLIAMS - Sunset People - In Tribute to Donna Summer

Available at all legal download sites! 50% of proceeds will be donated to THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY in Donna's name. Jessica Williams and Producer Rick Gianatos hope to sell many copies!.



Disco Diva Jessica Williams recorded a cover of "Sunset People" from Donna Summer's enormously successful album BAD GIRLS in 1992. It was released exclusively in the UK. Now, it is being reissued world wide in tribute to Donna.

Producer Rick Gianatos was never motivated to cover a Donna Summer track. "Her tracks were perfection. How do you improve on perfection?" Co-producer Paul Tams, however, had a special reason for cutting "Sunset People." It was a happy reminder of his first visit to Hollywood, and he asked Rick to collaborate on it with Jessica vocalizing. With a fine arrangement by Phil Da Costa, the result was a lively track that Rick came to appreciate. However, it was only released in the UK in 1992 with a 5 year license to Passion Records and never heard elsewhere. Rick pulled Jessica Williams' "Sunset People" from the archives to be prepared as a part of a future compilation. Within days of it being transferred to digital, the great Donna Summer passed away. RGP Entertainment Group is proud to issue this track for the first time outside of the UK in tribute to Ms. Summer, who was a great vocalist, writer, and musical front runner.

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