Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Down, Deep Inside" - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - Donna Summer

John Barry (Jame's Bond Films, Shirley Bassey) was paired with Donna Summer in 1977 to create a theme song for the upcoming film "The Deep". An easy task for Summer at the time - she was on a winning streak. And the results being, "Down, Deep Inside" was the proof. This cut was released as a 12" single to "I Feel Love" as well as the soundtrack. It became one of Donna's most underground hits from it's release until today.

The fusion of the Caslypso feel are unique in it's sytnhesized percussion and drive - as if they were made for each other. And along with Donna's sensual style we can experience the best of this time. My ReStructure mix adds more drum tracks along with the original tracks to create an extended and more mysterious sound.

Once again, thanks to Alan and a dedication to all for the inspiration.

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